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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Green with Envy

I would use the typical saying "spring is just right around the corner" but let's be honest, spring has been here for a long time since winter decided not to show up. At least down south thats how it has felt. One color that I am falling in love with that is perfect for spring, is Pistachio, or any shade similar to a pastel green. Below I have a shirt from Madwell in a such a pretty pastel. The shirt is paired with two completely different prints, but both are the ideal prints for spring. I LOVE the skirt. It's actually upcycled fabrics. The brightness of it goes perfectly with the shade of the shirt. It really pulls it all together. The shorts are a floral print, and floral always comes back around in fashion. Of course, I could have really accessorized both outfits, but I decided to just keep it simple and really focus on the pieces of clothing. I think using bold prints is a huge plus. Don't be afraid to take risks with fashion. If you feel the patterns and colors work well together, then by all means rock that outfit! My homework for you is to go out and find your next "go to" piece. Whether it's a shirt, a jacket, pants, anything! Make it your new piece for spring and find those prints, or even another solid colored piece that compliments it and make your spring fashion staple! Oh and P.S. every individual thing in the picture is under $100!! Who doesn't love that?!
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